Europe, Part 3 - plus EXCITING NEWS!

It's that time again...the next chapter of our European vacay is here! I have to say I think this is our best video yet. Why? Well, just watch all the way to the end and you'll see. Get ready for Florence, Italy and a little snippet from Marseille, France.


Who knew this trip would be SO life-changing?!


PS...secret's out now, obviously. :)


  1. We are SO excited for you guys. YAY!!!!!!! We're praying for your growing family and we cannot WAIT to meet the little one! xoxo. Love, the Ewens

  2. Congrats Richard and Liz!! Chris and I couldn't be any more excited for you guys. You will LOVE being parents. Yay!! Liz and Baby Millard will be in our prayers. Enjoy your pregnancy. It does have some ups and downs but overall it's the most amazing thing ever. I will cherish those 9 months for ever.

  3. AEHAJKSDHKAJSLHDKJALSHDKA That's me being ULTRA excited!! Randle I can't wait for Mad max to have his soulmate friend arrive. We love you guys and are praying for quadruplets for you (not really...more like triplets!

  4. So excited!!!! And genius I say again genius!! Playdate planning in full effect!!!

  5. yayayayaya! Loved the video! how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. AHHHH!!! I knew it before I watched and I still got teary. Congratulations to two of my favorite people. I'm so excited for your growing family!

    ps. I'm also totally jelly of your amazing time in Europe! :)