We got hops!

Below is an excerpt of an interview we recently did with Vanity Fair Magazine:

VF: There are a lot of misconceptions about you two. If people take away one thing about the Millard family, what do you want it to be?

LM: Easy. Hang time.

VF: Hang time?

RM: She's talking pure, unbridaled vertical leap. The kind of lift-off that Kobe would be jealous of. That's what we bring to the table.

LM: Anytime, any place. We got hops! Booyah!

(Rich and Liz high-five)

VF: I've heard stories about your legendary leaping ability but I never dreamed I would be able to witness it. Would you do us the honor of demonstrating this God-given gift?

LM: We thought you'd never ask.

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Exhibit A - Liz Millard

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Exhibit B - Rich Millard

Alright, spoiler alert. Vanity Fair hasn't interviewed us about our vertical leap yet, but with hops like these, the sky is the limit.

- Riz & Lich