Houston is HOT!

So to avoid the heat, we hit the Houston Aquarium with the Sheriff clan and almost got attacked by a tiger!

Okay so maybe we're embellishing a little bit, but the part about Houston being HOT is totally true. We had a great time visiting with family, eating lots of Tex-Mex and BBQ, and most importantly, witnessing Erin and Nathan tie the knot.

We'll share more later, but for now, we're enjoying this cool SoCal weather.

-Riz & Lich


Thatch Attack!

Prepare yourselves to experience a Thatch Attack of overwhelming cuteness!

Our dear friends Emili and Jimmy welcomed their handsome little man, Thatcher Ace, into the world on April 30th, 2011. We were honored to visit the Robeson family in the hospital and couldn't help but pull out our camera to capture the special moment.

Congratulations Em and Jimmy on your sweet baby boy--we are so unbelievably excited for you guys!

-Riz & Lich


Terranea Take 2 (iPhone perspective)

Here's a little more Terranea Time via Lizzy's iPhone.

Did your jaw drop after the last picture? Yep, our fun in the sun left Lizzy in some serious pain. Hello Aloe Vera! We'll remember the sunscreen next time...

-Riz & Lich


Terranea Time

First off, how is it already JUNE????? We totally acknowledge the fact that we say this almost every blog post, but where does the time go?! These last few months have been pretty busy for the Millard family--which is a blessing and a curse (okay totally not a curse but you get our drift :)! We are so thankful for the amazing family, friends and activities that fill up our days... but also wish we could stop the clock every now and then and really just take it all in.

One exciting adventure that took up some of our time was a trip to the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. We were so incredibly excited to take off work for a couple days in April and drive out to PV to experience the luxurious Terranea Resort. This trip was made possible by Rich's amazing bosses, Mark and Jeff, who graciously gave us a gift card for Christmas. How awesome, right?!

This place was the perfect getaway from the bustling city, set right on the picturesque Pacific ocean. Upon our arrival at Terranea, we received a complimentary glass of Champagne (awesome) and ventured up to our ocean-view room (more awesome). Not a bad start to our little getaway!

We spent a lot of time hiking around Terranea, eating plenty of great food at the resort restaurants and of course, jacuzzi time for Rich. Those Millard boys love their jacuzzi time! It was such a great mini-vacay, we loved the beautiful scenery, constant ocean-view and great food. We can't wait to go back!

A big shout-out to Mark and Jeff for sharing the allure of Palos Verdes with us. We wouldn't mind joining you guys down there one day! :)

-Riz & Lich