I like change. Let's take getting dressed in the morning for example: before I leave for work, I probably change my outfit 10 or so times until I finally get the proper result in the mirror, or the proper response from Rich. We can even take that a step further by saying that I like changing my work (yep--I have a new job!), which then of course means more outfit options are needed.

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[Yay or nay? Always need a second opinion while shopping, so Rich joins virtually]

All that to say, I've started this blog because I needed something new. Rich and I created a blog together earlier this year, The Marvelous Adventures of Riz and Lich, which proved to be more of a marvelous adventure for me. Sure, he played a big role in providing great material for the blog posts (videos, pictures, adventures) but he seldom posted anything. So after a lunch date last month with my dear friend Jenny from the Block, where we talked about our big ideas for new blogs, it was decided I would start something from my own perspective. After mulling it around in my head for awhile, Millard Boulevard was born.

[Once I shared this with Rich, he was sold]

That was several weeks ago, and today it's obviously changed (see, I like change). This is still a blog for family and friends comprised of pictures and videos, but I'm also going to attempt to post more often and share little thoughts and tidbits on life as a newlywed in this crazy city. This chaotic, beautiful city.


Erin & Nathan's Wedding Extravaganza

Last month Liz's lovely cousin Erin got married in Houston, Texas to a super awesome guy (and great golfer), Nathan. Everything about their big day was perfect and we're so glad we pulled out our camera to snag a few of our favorite moments. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and Mr. and Mrs. Reeves, are you two taking on any dance students? Because the Millards could definitely learn a thing or two from your sweet moves. :) Seriously, it gave us the chills!

Congrats again, Erin & Nathan--we're so excited for you guys and can't wait to see you in 2012 for the next Sheriff family wedding!

-Riz & Lich