Lizzy wants a dog

I think we can guess who is going to be picking up the poops in our house!

- Riz and Lich


Rich's Birthday Celebration Part Deux

A couple weekends ago we went over to Rich's parents house to see the fam and celebrate his birthday.  It was raining outside so we spent some quality time indoors by the fire, watched a movie, opened presents and ate yummy cake. Rich and Scott managed to have a photoshoot with Mountain Dew, which always makes for a good time.

Rich's birthday celebration part deux was a great time had by all. It would have been a perfect day if Kyle could have made it, but he was out keeping things straight on the streets. We missed you Kdoe!

-Riz and Lich


From Flea to Home

During our recent trip to the flea market we found some pretty awesome plants that now add a splash of life to our abode.  We met Kit, fell in love with his creations, and brought our new friends from flea to home!


These little guys will have to hold us over until we can buy a home of our own and fashion our green thumbs in a garden outside.

-Riz and Lich


Flea Market Fun

This past weekend we finally checked another thing off our 'to do' list while living in LA--we went to a flea market! We've been talking about doing it for what seems like forever, but as our calendars continued to fill up, flea markets continued to take a back seat. We keep wondering when life will calm down, but the jury's still out on that one. Regardless, we faced the rain and took advantage of our free morning by stopping by the Melrose Trading Post, where we were overwhelmed by an abundance of amazing 'stuff'. Hello home heaven!




We seriously loved walking around the flea market and can't wait to go back again, especially on a day when it's not raining cats and dogs! You can't tell from the pictures, but it was pouring out there. We'll definitely be making our rounds to all the LA hotspots; Lizzy has a long list of flea markets she wants to hit. What a fun way to spend a day off, right?

-Riz and Lich


Oh so Heavenly!

A couple weeks ago we dusted off our snowboard gear and ventured up to South Lake Tahoe with Liz's family for some fun at the Heavenly Mountain Resort. We stayed at the Marriott right at the base of Heavenly, surrounded by great shops and restaurants. The best part though, was that the gondola (which takes you up to the slopes) was right outside our hotel--steps away! Not a bad deal, if you ask us.

Our view of the mountain from the condo

 The Sunday after we arrived in Tahoe was Rich's birthday, so we celebrated with some pizookie and presents.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday we went snowboarding, and the rest of the days were spent relaxing by the lake, shopping and eating--cinnamon rolls and candy apples, yes please!

We didn't want to risk taking our new camera on the mountain with us, so we took a few pictures with our phones.

Fun fact: we bumped into Todd and Abby, Rich's friends from college, while staying at the hotel.  It was such a treat seeing them!

Before we knew it, our time in Tahoe was over and we were headed back to the wonderful world of LA. Thankfully, we all made it home safe and sound, and relatively unharmed (Liz had a run-in with a hotel door--the door won, her ankle lost). For now, we're back to the grind and enjoying this beautiful southern California weather. Is it summer yet?!

'Til the next marvelous adventure...

-Riz and Lich